Pearly Gates

...If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

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I don't really wanna use the Internet during my trip,
however, I need to check e-mail periodically for my work...

I am afraid I should get a 3G mobile phone that works all over the world.
My current mobile has roamig function, but the area is restricted.

Anyway, I am doing well in Greek.
I am at Kalambaka, a city famous for a world heritage called "Meteora".

Aegean Sea was marvelous, but this scenery is more impressive for me.
Anyone who is interested in, please search "Meteora" and visit here!

I'm getting a little tired because of very tight schedule, but to enjoy this country as much as possible, I'll keep walking and moving in the rest of my trip.

Not as European tourists, we Japanese are not allowed to take vacation for several weeks.
It means we (or just I) have no time to take a rest during the stay, even though it may cause some serious problems after I get back to Japan and get back to my work.

*Please ignore if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes in this article...


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